Water Fire Element Ring


Simple, yet surprisingly striking! This dainty ring is great as a stacking ring worn with the other elements or our celestial 'Juliet Ring' which complements it beautifully. The circles can overlap the other ring's bands to create its own stack, but this ring embodies its own impact when worn alone too.
It is also a 2 in one ring due to the two opposing elements both air and earth are represented depending on whether it be worn with the triangle pointing up or down!

Water Element (triangle apex pointing down) symbolises; dreaming, healing, purity, renewal, strength, intuition, fertility and unconditional love - associated with planet Venus and the Moon, the Autumn season and its direction is West.

Fire Element (triangle apex at top) symbolises; energy, passion, freedom, creativity, power, vision, courage and strong will - associated with planet Mars and the Sun, the Summer season and its direction is South.

  • As Seen in Spirit & Destiny Christmas Gift Guide
  • Sterling Silver
  • Finish: Polished & Oxidised
  • Gift Ready -  Our Eco-friendly & Stylish Gift Box Included
  • Earth & Air version also available too

Zodiac signs = Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces (Water) & Aries, Leo, Sagittarius (Fire)

Size Guide

XXS = Ring Size UK H 1/2    US 4  |  EU 46 3/4  inner diameter approx 14.86mm

XS = Ring Size UK J 1/2   |  US 5  |  EU 49  inner diameter approx 15.7mm

Small = Ring Size UK L 1/2   |  US 6  |  EU 52  inner diameter approx 16.51mm

Medium = Ring Size UK N 3/4   |  US 7  |  EU 54  inner diameter approx 17.5mm

Large = Ring Size UK P 3/4   |  US 8  |  EU 56 1/2  inner diameter approx 18.2mm

XL = Ring Size UK R 3/4   |  US 9  |  EU 59  inner diameter approx 19.05mm

XXL = Ring Size UK T 3/4   |  US 10  |  EU 61 1/2  inner diameter approx 19.8mm

Don't know your size? Here are some tips for getting the best fit:

  • Measure the inner diameter of a ring you already wear comfortably
  • Simply lay it on top of a ruler & measure the widest area inside the ring
  • From the inner edge of ring across to the inner edge on other side

If your size isn't available for selection then it is currently out of stock. However, do get in touch if you wish to pre-order it so it can be sent out to you asap.