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Since 2015, Secret Halo has been bringing you the most exciting Spiritual and Celestial Sterling Silver Jewellery. Our fascination of ancient symbolism, mythology, star signs and all things otherworldly often inspires our curation & creative concept and you'll find jewellery designed for the fashionable and modern bohemian goddess who dares to dream!

Dream with us and come on the Secret Halo journey...



With ethereal beauty at the heart of our brand, we are in awe of the mystical essence of nature's own gemstones and you'll often see moonstones and opals used in our pieces. Our latest collection, 'Create your Own' launching in October, features birthstones for every month so you can find the one you truly connect with.


We care about our planet, and have made every effort to source recyclable and eco-friendly packaging and seek out manufacturers that care too! We now use Recycled Silver in the majority of our jewellery pieces. The recycled silver comes from trusted vendors and not directly from mines. Silver mining is environmentally destructive so sourcing recycled silver directly lowers this negative impact to the environment.

Crafted in 925 Sterling Silver, our pieces are all nickel free and naturally hypoallergenic. Our cute little Gift boxes are recyclable minus the foam insert inside (we are working on this and hope to have an alternative option soon). Even our jewellery mailing packets are 100% recyclable so please don't throw them in your general waste, make sure you recycle along with your paper and cardboard.


Our founder, Lizzie uses her background in fashion to ensure our jewellery, although affordable and on-trend, is not 'throwaway' fashion. We hope your Secret Halo piece stays with you for many years to come and sees you through many seasons of changing trends and fashions. Surely, our dreams never go out of fashion right?! Wear your piece as a reminder each day to follow your dreams and make your magic happen!


In the last couple of years Secret Halo has received attention from Glamour, British Vogue, Harper's Bazaar UK, Cosmopolitan, Spirit & Destiny and many more publications, whilst becoming one of the few chosen businesses to profile by GoDaddy; the world's largest domain registrar - currently with over 73 million domain names under their management. We are also proud of Secret Halo being a finalist in the British Small Business Awards after only a year of trading. See us in the Press here.

We can also be found on ASOS MP and are NOTHS partners. This Christmas we will also be making an appearance in Fenwick Department Store.

 Here’s Lizzie… many moons ago… accessorising with a Halo… of course! 

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