Tarot Gemstone Roll On - The Devil


A mystical and aromatherapeutic experience - When essential oils meets the power of gemstones.

Each roll-on bottle features specially selected essential oil blend, chosen for its aromatic properties that synergize with the gemstone power. This magical pairing creates a double force, boosting the holistic benefits of both elements.

The extra layer of magic is a detachable gold-printed tarot card that unveils a world of storytelling. Keep these tarot cards as a charming keepsake or hop on a journey to collect all seven.

  • 100 % Pure Essential Oil Blend in a Coconut Base Oil 
  • Beautiful Scents
  • Real Gemstones
  • Detachable Tarot card
  • Made in the UK
  • 10ml
  • Other Tarots/fragrances available
  • Matching candles available too
  • by Hop Hare

Unleash Your Vibrant Spirit

Discover the Bold Essence: "The Devil", a gemstone-infused essential oil roll-on designed to balance your dynamic energy with the grounding force of Red Jasper. Each roll-on is a potent concoction of bold scents, bound to awaken your most vibrant self.

The Stone of Equilibrium: Red Jasper

Nestled within the heart of each roll-on is a piece of Red Jasper, a gemstone renowned for its stabilising properties. It is believed to balance out extremes, ensuring that your dynamic energies move in harmony with the world around you.

Invoke The Devil

  • Incorporate into your morning routine to kickstart the day with vigour.
  • Use as a personal scent to carry a sense of audacity and poise.
  • Reapply before social gatherings to channel charisma and confidence.
  • Offer as a gift to those who revel in their strength and embrace life’s zest.

With "The Devil", embrace the dance of life with a bold step, allowing Red Jasper to guide you through the rhythm of your days with passion and potency.

Ingredients That Ignite and Ground

Coconut MCT Oil: Our elixir commences with a base of Coconut MCT Oil, celebrated for its hydrating virtue and providing a luxurious glide for the fragrant oils to meld seamlessly with your skin.

Orange Essential Oil: The zestful aroma of Orange Essential Oil infuses your aura with a burst of energy and a bright, cheerful outlook.

Patchouli Essential Oil: Earthy and rich, Patchouli Essential Oil anchors the blend with its deep, musky undertones, promoting a sense of grounding and satiety.

Cedarwood Essential Oil: The sturdy, woody scent of Cedarwood Essential Oil imparts stability and endurance, rooting you firmly in the present.

Lavender Essential Oil: With a soft floral whisper, Lavender Essential Oil weaves in a touch of calm, ensuring the fire within remains a warm flame, not a raging inferno.

Bergamot Essential Oil: A light, citrusy note of Bergamot Essential Oil adds a refreshing clarity, cutting through the complexity with its uplifting presence.

Ylang Essential Oil: The exotic, sweet fragrance of Ylang Essential Oil completes the blend, enhancing the senses and encouraging a joyous freedom of the soul.