SURPRISE SH Crystal Geode Ring Box



Planning a magical Proposal? Order yours now...

Absolutely stunning one-of-a-kind Ring Box. 


Would make a unique and memorable proposal! Also Great for storing your wedding rings in the bathroom or bedside table. 


The way the crystal catches and reflects the light creates a mesmerising, magical icy blue colour, which makes you feel like you are in the Frozen film under the Northern Lights :-)

  • Each one is 100% unique
  • Genuine Natural Quartz Crystal Geode
  • Iridescent Angel Aura Finish 
  • Jewellery not included

Be wary of the weight of the lid - it is a very delicate and exquisite piece to be handled with care, is sometimes top heavy so may not stay open unassisted. Due to geodes' naturally formed shapes with differing surface texture & ridges, the screws+/hinge aren't a tight, straight fit as they are purposefully positioned in order that the lid can remain capable of being opened with ease.


These images are a representation only. The exact one you will receive will be a surprise, unless you wish to select your preferred choice by joining one of Lizzie's LIVEs on TikTok; or reach out on social for a Personal Selection video to be sent to you.